The port of Lom is situated on the right bank of the Danube river from river km. 742 000 to river km. 742 500 in the central part of the town of Lom, district of Montana, northwestern Bulgaria. It stands 162 kilometers north of Sofia, 56 km. southeast of the city of Vidin, 49 km. north of the city of Montana and 42 km. west of the town of Kozloduy.

The territory of the port is 371,129 sq. m. The main port infrastructure and facilities are built on an area of ​​302,379 sq. m. Its territory is the point of effecting of passport and visa, customs and sanitary control. The terminal is guarded and has its organized access control.

The port is connected to the national railway network and to the national road network. The city Montana liaises with the international route E 79.