"Port Terminal Lom" has been inscribed in the Register of the ports of the Republic of Bulgaria and owns an Operability certificate № 307 of 15.10.2013 on the handling of general and bulk cargo and ship supply.

The infrastructure, the technological and technical security of the Port of Lom include:

  • Piers and berths: The port covers 5 piers and 13 berths, three of which (1, 2 and 3) are located on the open Danube river, and other 10 - in the indoor - firth pool. The total length of the berths is 1335 m. The total length of the pier front is 1422 m. and 140 m. of breakwater.
  • Indoor and outdoor warehouses: Monolithic warehouses and sheds with a total area of 8343 sq. m. and outdoor warehouses with a total area of 117,921 sq. m.
  • Cranes and handling equipment: The main facilities for cargo handling are 19 el. port gantry cranes with a capacity of 5 to 20 tons. The port has parking areas for cars, as well as an internal port railway network.

On the territory of the terminal there are built border checkpoint, customs office, phytosanitary control point etc. Cargoes to and from the port are transported by road, railway and waterway. The port terminal is designed for handling of import and export cargo. Both the outdoor and indoor warehouses located in the terminal, as well as the loading and unloading facilities and the engineering infrastructure for water supply, power supply and the specialized equipment for cargo handling and lighting ensure the provision of port services typical for a port of a universal type.