Transshipment services:
The loading and unloading activity is major for the port. The port has gantry cranes and other lifting equipment for loading and unloading of bulk, general and any other type of cargo from and on vessels and land vehicles.

Warehouse services:
The port disposes of indoor and outdoor storage areas. Under the Bulgarian laws, the entire port territory has been established and works as a warehouse in customs warehousing mode.

Maneuvering services:
The port fleet includes one pusher serving the port aquatic area and the adjacent raids.

Other services:

  • Passenger and pontoon services;
  • Providing pier, electricity, water, cleaning of vessels of customers;
  • Provision of transshipment equipment.
  • Preparation of cargo - repair of packaging, re-wrapping, labeling, re-packing, marking and other services upon customer's request;
  • Repair and technical services;
  • Preparation and executing of commercial and transport documents.